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When travelling, many people prefer to leave their expensive wristwatches at home. Whilst this does prevent them from being damaged or stolen, it does make telling the time a little difficult. The good news is that Novel Tees supplies promotional travel clocks in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere around Australia to avoid this issue – instead of taking your expensive watch, take one of our clocks!

Digital & Analog

We understand that some people prefer the ease of digital whereas others like the traditional look of analog. This is why we supply custom branded travel blocks in both digital and analog varieties, so everyone’s preference is met.

Quality Materials

All of the customised travel clocks in our range are made from durable materials, such as silicon rubber and aluminium, which are designed to withstand the knocks and bumps often experienced whilst travelling.

Special Features

Did you know that many of our promotional travel alarm clocks also offer special features? You will find many of these useful during your journey, including: calorie counters, pulse calculators, stopwatches and alarms.

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Code: CAPNW65
From $4.80 to $5.99
100 min
ABS (watch module) and Silicon rubber housing Features: Time, Alarm, Stopwatch, Calorie Counte
Code: CAPNW63
From $8.05 to $9.79
100 min
Alloy watch case, Silicon rubber housing with pin-on construction Features: High accuracy Japane
Code: G1430
From $10.62 to $13.60
50 min
Analogue alarm clock in aluminium casing with velvet pouch.
Code: G253
From $6.75 to $9.79
50 min
Elegant shiny clock key ring Features Shiny chrome key ring Clock with black face Gift boxed