Promotional keyrings

If you’re looking for a promotional item that your clientele are actually going to use, personalised keyrings are an ideal option. Whether you opt for something basic, such as leather or metal or plastic, or you opt for something a little more out there, such as novelty and torches, Novel Tees is sure to have custom branded promotional keyrings that not only meet your needs – they’ll fit your budget, too! We can also custom design a keyring if you’re looking for something specific.

Affordable Prices

Novel Tees is proud to offer our corporate clients customised key rings in Melbourne and beyond that not only look fantastic, they are also affordable. Our team of highly skilled designers and manufactures ensures that this is possible.

Extensive Selection

Our fantastic collection of options is available in a range of shapes (including: bottle openers, torches, stress balls and custom) and in a variety of materials (including: metal, plastic, rubber, silicon and leather Keyrings).

Custom Designed

We are able to create promotional key rings in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond exactly to your specifications. Whether you are in logistics and want a truck shape or are in hospitality and want the outline of your logo, we can help.

Multifunctional Designs

We also offer custom keyrings and keychains in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond that can perform functions other than a place to store your keys. They can also feature an in-built whistle, mini tools, photo frames, tape measure, poncho and many other options.

Quality Materials

At Novel Tees, we understand that there is nothing worse than a promotional product made from subpar materials – particularly when they break shortly after. We only use high quality materials in all our rings.

Effective Marketing

One of the main reasons that branded keyrings are so popular is that they are something everyone uses – we all have keys. Ensure that your brand is noticed every time a client unlocks their car or their front door.

Novelty Options

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun – we offer personalised keyrings in Melbourne with more of a novelty touch. From floats (handy if you drop your keys into water) to message in a bottle, printed keyrings in Melbourne can be fun as well as functional.

Functional Items

The great thing about promotional key tags in Melbourne, Sydney and beyond is that they’re something people will actually use. From keeping a personal set of keys together to preparing spare keys for friends and family, they’re have myriad functions in the home.


Our Range of Promotional & Personalised Custom Keyrings

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality personalised keyrings at competitive prices. As with all products in our range, the more you buy the cheaper each individual item will become – contact us for more information.

Useful for Everyone

Everyone over the age of 18 – and even many who are younger – carry keys as a part of their daily life. From house keys and car keys to work keys and even gym keys, having a way of keeping them together and preventing them from getting lost is essential.

Range of Materials

Our promotional keyrings are made using a variety of quality materials, including metal, plastic, PVC, rubber, leather and even timber. This ensures you’re able to find an option that complements your business and the message you’re trying to send.

Added Safety Features

Many people feel unsafe being out in public at night, particularly when walking back to their vehicles in quite or removed areas. Novel Tees’ range of custom keyrings can help to improve safety in these situations through the addition of torches, whistles and multitools.



Should we print or laser engrave metal custom keyrings?

Because this is something that will be placed in a bag, go in and out of a pocket, and hang on the door, we recommend that they be laser engraved (as printing may eventually wear off).

Will my printed logo wear off keyrings made from other materials?

Printed logos are not designed to last forever on any material, however, they are much longer lasting on materials like plastic. A coating can also be applied to help protect your logo and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

What is your most affordable custom key chain?

Our plastic or PVC type is probably the most affordable option, especially if they are ordered in large quantities.

What is the minimum quantity that I can order?

The answer will depend on which personalised key tags in Melbourne you have selected; it could be as few as 25 or as many as 500. Please see individual products for more information.

What areas do you service?

We provide our promotional keyrings Australia wide. Whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra or even outside a capital city, we’re here to help.