Being able to tell the time is a luxury that many of us have come to expect no matter what. Although our mobile phones are able to do this for us, there are some situations where they are not permitted or are simply unsuitable. Novel Tees has the perfect solution with our range of custom promotional clocks in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and beyond.

Ensure that you can always tell the time thanks to our high quality custom branded clocks

Range of Styles

Keep in mind that there is more than one type of personalised clock to choose from – our extensive range includes desk, travel, wall, stopwatches and even timers to ensure that all your timekeeping needs are covered.

Quality Materials

All of the promotional corporate gift clocks in our range have been manufactured from the highest quality materials on the market, notably plastics and metals. These durable materials ensure that the items will stand the test of time.

Marketing Prowess

You may not realise it, but promotional clocks with logos are actually quite useful in terms of marketing. Everyone checks the time, multiple times a day, so ensuring that your brand is within the line of sight can really make it memorable.