Health & Fitness

Whether your business operates in the health and fitness industry, you won’t to promote wellbeing amongst your employees and clients, or you’re just looking to add something a little different to your marketing campaign, the promotional health products offered by Novel Tees are a perfect fit.

Keep fit and healthy all year round with our range of custom branded health products

Extensive Range

We have a wide range of health promotional products to choose from, including: fitness watches, aromas and fragrances, fitness gear, first aid kits, massagers, pedometers, performance clothing, wrist and head bands, pill dispensers and towels.

Fitness Gear

Looking for healthy promotional products that will help you to get in shape or maintain your current level of fitness? Check out our range of branded jump ropes, protein shakers, smart bands and scales.

Health & Comfort

Ensuring that you’re comfortable whilst working out is a must, which is why our health promotional items also include clothing. We supply crop tops, long sleeve and short sleeve tops, performance pants, bike shorts and even swimming caps.

Wellbeing Matters

Novel Tees understands that wellbeing promotional products are often valued and appreciated by employees and clients alike. This is why we offer perfume atomizers (carry your scent around with you) and massagers.