Novel Tees can supply a variety of top-of-the-line promotional travel gifts that are intended to make travel easier and more organised for employees and clients alike. Whether you operate in the sort of industry that puts your employees out on the road or in an industry that regularly sees travelling clients, our custom travel products are the sort of corporate gift that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Provide some extra comfort to employees and clients out on the road with our promotional travel products

Extensive Range

We have a wide range of promotional corporate travel products to choose from, including: adapters for electrical devices, luggage locks, luggage tags, manicure sets, toiletry bags, luggage, travel wallets, sewing kits other promotional travel accessories.

Marketing Prowess

One of the best reasons to use promotional travel items is that they’re likely to be kept and reused over and over again. These sorts of items will also tell employees and clients that you care about them, as they’re not an overly cheap investment.

Travel Sets

Novel Tees can supply a variety of promotional branded travel product sets to meet specific requirements, including: travel comfort sets, toiletry packs (soap and mini containers for shampoo and lotion) and security sets (with luggage tags and locks).