Chef & Hospitality Hats

The promotional chef hats offered by Novel Tees have been expertly designed with hygiene, comfort and style in mind. Whether you’re choosing headwear for your kitchen or front-of-house staff, ensuring that they are protected from the various dangerous posed by the kitchens, as well as ensuring that only delicious food is served, is a must.

With out extensive range of custom printed chef hats, you’ll be able to keep your cool in the kitchen

Extensive Range

Choose from our wide range of promotional hospitality hats in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond. Our range includes: caps, berets, traditional, flat top and even bandanas.

Keep Your Cool

Believe it or not, personalised chef hats in Melbourne can actually help you to keep cool in the kitchen. This is because they include absorbent internal headbands (for sweat) and mesh-style fabric (for maximum breathability).

Variety of Colours

Our promotional chef caps are available in an array of colours, ensuring that you can select one that best complements your business. Some of the available colours include: black, white, navy and even checkered.

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Code: 5FC
From $6.91 to $22.82
10 Minimum
Cap made from 65% cotton for durability, and 35% Polyester for Comfort. One Size fits most with elastic…
Code: H3807
From $3.20 to $43.42
10 Minimum
Elastic Backed. 2 Sizes.
Code: 5CVC
From $7.93 to $24.22
10 Minimum
Cap made from 65% polyester for durability, and 35% cotton Twill for comfort. Elastic strap on back…
Code: 1621
From $6.18 to $21.81
10 Minimum
For health and safety.
Code: 1830
From $4.56 to $23.15
10 Minimum
120gsm lightweight poly/cotton.
Code: 1820
From $4.56 to $23.15
10 Minimum
120gsm Lightweight poly/cotton. 3 Panel back design.
Code: 1603
From $5.15 to $20.37
10 Minimum
Rear adjustable Velcro.
Code: 1601
From $12.49 to $30.90
10 Minimum
Rear adjustable Velcro.
Code: 1602
From $13.20 to $31.89
10 Minimum
200gsm, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton. Rear Adjustable Velcro.
Code: 1604
From $33.81 to $60.96
10 Minimum
Cool-Breeze Flat Top Hat With Air Flow Mesh Upper Fabric: 200gsm 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Rear adjustable…
Code: 5HFH
From $6.67 to $22.48
10 Minimum
Designed to meet the food production industry's demands for hygiene and safety, this food prep hat offers…
Code: 5VH
From $19.65 to $40.46
10 Minimum
10 Pack. A classic, easy-to-wear chef's hat to get you through service. Short and tall lengths available.…
Chef Hat Nilson
Code: M4747
From $8.81 to $28.98
25 Minimum
Kitchen cap in soft and comfortable TC material -cotton and polyester combined. Features: Kitchen cap…
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