Protective Equipment

At Novel Tees, we understand that many projects and even specific professions can present many dangers to workers. Keeping your team safe and protected at all times should be a top priority of any company. To make this task easier, we supply a range of personal protective equipment to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond.

Ensure that protection is a top priority with our range of premium safety equipment

Head & Face Protection

We offer extensive workwear safety equipment in Melbourne that is designed to provide the face and head in general with protection. This includes: browguards and visors, ear muffs, earplugs and safety glasses.

Hand Protection

As many professions require you to place your hands in potentially hazardous places, the right gloves are a must. Our range includes leather, latex, nitrile and heavy duty. We also offer fingerless gloves so that you can maintain your dexterity.

Respiratory Protection

When working with potentially harmful inhalants, respiratory safety supplies in Melbourne and beyond are a must. We supply single and bulk pack respirators, each designed to protect against different types of airborne hazards.