Personal Care

Show your clients and employees that you care with promotional personal care products related to healthcare, hygiene and beauty. All of the personal promotional gifts in our range are of exceptional retail quality, ensuring that any recipient will be satisfied with them. We also supply promotional personal care kits so that you can provide a recipient with everything they require.

You don’t have to work in the health or beauty industry to reap the benefits of promotional personal care items

Body Care Promotional Products

We supply a wide range of branded promotional body care items, including: after sun lotions, body wash, promotional foot care products, promotional hand care products, insect protection, lip balms and glosses, promotional hair care products, soap, sunscreen and zinc.


We supply a range of custom printed personal care items that are designed to aid in relaxation, including: promotional bath products (beads and salts), candles (scented and unscented), incense, cold/heat packs (also useful for first aid) and massagers (ideal for personal use).


We also supply a wide range of promotional beauty products that can be used in personal care, including: compact mirrors, cufflinks, emery boards, hairbrushes, hair combs, manicure sets, money clips, tissues, toothbrushes, tweezers and wipes.