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Novel Tees can supply high quality printed promotional desk clocks in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere around Australia. They can be placed on a variety of surfaces, from your workstation to your bedside table, ensuring that you can easily check the time with ease.

Range of Styles

We have a number of custom branded deck clocks to choose from, including: USB, letter opener, weather stations, photo frame, pop-up, pen holder, sensor, moodlight, business card holder, and more standard options.

Marketing Prowess

Think about it – with everyone needing to check the time, custom desk clocks are a corporate gift or giveaway that is going to be kept. The inclusion of your logo will ensure that your branding is always front and centre when the time is viewed.

Quality Materials

To ensure that your promo desk clocks will offer many years of use, we ensure that they have been manufactured from the best quality materials on the market. This also ensure that they look their best and feature attractive finishes.

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Bluetooth Speaker Clock w/Wireless Charging
Code: 7790
From $43.21 to $56.87
25 min
The ultimate tech piece! This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the office or home. The 2 x 3 Watt ou
Code: GCDA213
From $17.33 to $34.47
100 min
Your promotion will be seen in all the right places with your logo engraved on this modern analogue
Code: 1071-08
From $16.82 to $22.76
25 min
This LED display wooden clock is perfect for any desk, table or night stand. Features: The cloc
Code: G1628
From $5.59 to $11.34
50 min
Stylish office desktop stationery holder with display. Features: Office accessory combining Des
Code: CAPCL020
From $4.58 to $8.85
50 min
USB powered letter opener, LCD alarm clock with hourly chime function, 1.3metre detachable USB cable
Code: G1608
From $11.26 to $17.35
50 min
Weather station LED alarm clock. Features: Weather station LED Alarm clock displays Time Day
Code: CAPCL019
From $4.68 to $9.10
50 min
USB clock with flat cell battery, 4 ports, USB 2.0, USB cable
Code: CAPCK5091
From $6.24 to $7.71
100 min
It's time for a bit of fashion on your desk! This silicone clock is equipped with a 12/24 hour time
Code: CAPCK5090
From $8.39 to $10.24
100 min
Even though the climate around the world is changing fast, this weather station will give you the cu
Code: CAPCK5082
From $4.20 to $5.85
100 min
Digital clock with double slot for placing business cards, includes 1 button cell battery. Exit stoc
Code: CAPCK5073
From $22.15 to $31.57
50 min
Mood function clock with 7 colour changing moodlights. Displays time, date, temperature and offers a
Code: G981
From $9.61 to $16.49
50 min
Unique colour changing clock with touch sensor Features Touch sensor desk clock Unique colour c
Code: G1032
From $7.03 to $13.20
50 min
Multifunction LCD clock and calendar Features Multifunction LCD clock Metal chrome plated front
Code: G703
From $11.71 to $14.88
50 min
Slim line aluminium multifunction desktop weather station Features Slim line desktop multifuncti
Code: G929
From $29.41 to $35.57
50 min
Multi function weather station with wireless remote sensor Features Metal cased display Outdoor
Code: G1046
From $10.39 to $16.39
50 min
Premium weather station with clock. Features Full colour display Forecast weather function Sno
Code: G525
From $7.40 to $13.65
50 min
Electronic pen holder with built in photo frame. Features Detachable alarm clock Calendar and t
Code: G705
From $9.06 to $15.79
50 min
Handy desk top item with push-button pop out drawers for storage, functions include count down timer
Code: G230
From $11.93 to $15.13
50 min
Business card holder with LCD display Features Business card holder Metal case LCD display Ti
Code: G1076
From $9.33 to $16.09
50 min
Multifunction ruler with world time clock and calculator Features Multifunction world time clock
Code: G1260
From $11.47 to $17.64
50 min
Weather station with digital display Features Weather forecast Time in 12/24 format Alarm cloc
Code: G1430
From $10.62 to $13.60
50 min
Analogue alarm clock in aluminium casing with velvet pouch.
Code: G1434
From $8.46 to $14.98
50 min
Save some desk space with the integrated pen holder and alarm clock with C/F temperature function. B
Code: 1256
From $21.45 to $43.29
25 min
An executive gift that will impress. Metal desk clock finished in black gloss with shiny silver acce