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Coin Banks

The perfect addition for any desk top, Novel Tees recommends printed piggy banks and promotional coin banks in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and elsewhere around Australia. In fact, these little guys are so attractive that they make a great addition to the interior décor of any office, service branch, retail shop or home. Our custom logo piggy banks are printed using the latest technology to ensure that your branding always looks crisp and clear.

Branded piggy banks – a highly nostalgic and functional promotional gift

Ideal for Children

Our custom piggy bank promotional items are ideal for children, as they can help to teach them the importance of saving as well as the benefits of smart financial planning. They’re also perfectly safe for children to use and will not break easily.

Versatile Gifts

You don’t have to be involved in finance to benefit from including personalised piggy banks in your marketing campaign. Any organisation can use them – real estate, sporting clubs, community groups, schools and more!

Marketing Prowess

As custom design coin banks are likely to be retained for many years, particularly if they’re attractive, you can rest assured that your branding will be noticed well into the future – some people hold onto promotional piggy banks for as long as 20 years!

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Code: LL240S
From $5.37 to $6.68
50 min
Flexible PVC with screw off nose cone for coin release.
Free Delivery
Code: LL241S
From $5.84 to $7.03
50 min
Moulded from flexible PVC (almost unbreakable) with screw off bung at base. Perfect for real estat
Free Delivery
Code: LL3598S
From $1.57 to $2.03
250 min
Polystyrene plastic coin bank. Removable coin release bung at base.
Free Delivery
Code: LL2408S
From $2.34 to $3.65
100 min
Flexible PVC with removable nose cone for coin release.
Free Delivery
Code: G970
From $3.34 to $8.79
50 min
The house shaped money bank comes with a removable stopper in the base to access your coins. Feat
Code: G971
From $2.61 to $7.84
50 min
Translucent Piggy Bank with removable stopper in base and large branding area. Features Transluc
Code: G1038
From $5.05 to $21.91
50 min
Cute plastic and rubberised screw on nosed piggy bank.
Code: T-857
From $2.53 to $3.97
100 min
This large plastic piggy bank is great for banks, financial institutions, children and programs prom
Free Delivery
Code: G1194
From $7.79 to $14.14
50 min
Save money with this lovable moo cow bank!
Pee Wee Pig PVC Coin Bank
On Sale
Code: LL3737S
From $1.92 to $2.98
100 min
PVC Pig coin bank with removable bung in base. The cutest saving pig you ever did see.
Free Delivery
Code: LL246I
CUSTOM COLOUR COIN BANKS - All colours of our existing models can be changed: Minimum qty: 3,000 uni