With most families today owning a car or two, automotive promotional products can be a highly useful and valued gift. They’re also a great option for those operating in the automotive industry, as they serve as a constant reminder of your business, as well as for car enthusiasts. Fortunately, Novel Tees supplies q wide range of automotive promotional gifts for your convenience.

Whether you love your car or work on them daily, our automotive promo items will get you noticed

Functional Car Accessories

Novel Tees offers a number of personalised auto accessories that actually perform important functions for our vehicles. These include: tyre pressure meters, tyre gauges, warning sign utility bags (essential when you’ve broken down), car wash kits, sunshades, emergency kits and boot organisers.

Promotional Automotive Merchandise

If you would prefer to hand out items that are car themed as opposed to being designed for use specifically with vehicles, we’ve got you covered! Our range of automotive promotional items includes: polo shirts, key rings, caps, stress shapes, travel mugs, and more.

Promotional Auto Accessories

We also supply a variety of automotive promotional items that have been designed to make your time in the car more enjoyable. The most popular of these are USB car chargers, which can be used to keep your smart phone or music device fully charged.

Packages & Sets

Many of the automotive promo products in our range come in handy packages and sets, allowing you to keep all of the items together and stored neatly in your vehicle. From car wash kits to emergency kits, this will ensure that you have everything on hand to keep your car on the road.