03 November 2017
Getting behind a good cause is important to the Novel Tees team, which is why we provide major ongoing support to Challenge...
04 October 2017
Put your hand up if you like getting free stuff. We’re pretty sure that every single person reading this article just raised their hand, as who doesn’t like to get things for free?
04 September 2017
Business promotional products are a great way to increase your sales at any time throughout the year. With winter well and truly underway with a few more cold months ahead, being able to help your customers fight the ice cold winds, snow and rain can help you to really stand out.
03 August 2017
The success of any marketing campaign relies on being able to stand out from the crowd. Although there are plenty of ways to achieve this, one of our favourites is by using promotional t-shirts.
20 June 2017
If you’ve used custom promotional products in your marketing campaign before, you already know the impact they can have on your efforts as a whole. But did you know the following fun facts? We are sure that there are lots of things you don’t know about these products.
19 May 2017
Let’s face it – customers are fickle. Unless you’re a global mega brand (such as McDonald’s, Apple or BMW), it seems that loyalty is only as strong as the last sale. This is why attracting and retaining customers should be a top priority for any small or mid-sized business.
17 April 2017
Tradeshows and other networking events provide a great opportunity to get your name out there – but to do this, you need to consider how you will attract passers by to your booth.
03 March 2017
You couldn’t be further from the truth! Cheap promotional products are unparalleled in their ability to increase brand awareness, attract new clients and grow your company – plus, they’re cost effective.
03 February 2017
A business whose main products and services are centred around children and families is often on the lookout for promotional items that appeal to a similar audience.