Power Of Personalised Bags For Brand Promotion

Coming up with clever advertising tools can be a real struggle – it’s easy to burn through your initial list of ideas, which doesn’t leave you with much else to go with. It’s your challenge as a business, however, to keep your strategies fresh so stay engaged. Personalised bags enable you to maximise brand awareness, as well as make a lasting and memorable impression. We’ve look at taken a closer some of the other benefits in the list below:

  • Grow your brand awareness
    To actually make an impact on your businesses’ brand awareness, come up with an attractive design that turns heads. Placing your logo in a large area can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand to hundreds of people in your target market. Keep in mind that people should be able to easily see your logo from a distance.
  • Stay on budget
    One of the major concerns when it comes to any promotional item is cost. When compare to other marketing tools, personalised bags are a relatively inexpensive way to get your message across. They’re actually an ideal choice for businesses on tight budgets. As well as being affordable, they’re also sturdy and stylish.
  • Marketing clients can touch
    Most of us have absolutely no idea how many times we check out smartphones throughout the day. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier for us to remember a print item rather than an online one. Prospects are more likely to remember face-to-face communication, particularly the moment they receive one of your bags.
  • Increase brand recall
    It should come as no surprise that prospects are more likely to memorise campaigns that are remarkable. They will be able to remember your brand for as long as they use and reuse your bags. Apart from your logo, come up with some artwork or an image that represents your product, service or the event in question.
  • Mix style with functionality
    One of the greatest benefits of personalised bags is their functionality – not to mention that everyone loves freebies. Include a call-to-action, a funny message or a stunning image to help people recognise your brand from a mile away. Bonus tip: include items that relate to your business to make your marketing even more memorable.
  • Eco friendly means
    Unlike plastic bags (which are harmful to the environment), these ones are eco friendly. Not only will this show your respect for the environment, it will help you to build trust with your prospects. A tip is to choose natural (or off-white) colours for the fabric to convey your ‘green’ message – dyed fabrics are less eco friendly.

And there you have it – using personalised bags as a marketing strategy is a win-win for both your business and your target audience. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, be passionate and express your brand identity – you will gain the attention of your prospects and will increase customer loyalty. We hope that we’ve given you some great ideas to make your next campaign a success, particularly if you’re hoping to use bags of some kind.