Promotional Bags

Is it any wonder that custom printed promotional bags are one of the most popular promotional items available? They’re environmentally friendly, available in a huge variety of styles and colours, highly visible to passersby, and they’re something that everyone uses. Novel Tees can embroider or screen print your logo and marketing message onto your choice of personalised bags – choose from backpacks, satchels, coolers, laptop sleeves, totes and even luggage!

Display your business or organisation with custom promotional bags

Effective Marketing

Novel Tees has found that custom printed branded bags in Melbourne and beyond is one of the best ways to market your business, as they can be taken anywhere and are constantly on display. Speak with us today for some advice on the right bag for your needs!

Extensive Selection

We have a fairly extensive selection of cheap promotional bags on offer – including backpacks, back sacks, calico, conference bags and satchels, cooler bags, laptop bags, paper bags, shoe bags, sports and duffle bags, toiletry, tote bags and wine bags – ensuring you will find your perfect match.

Custom Designed

We can screen print your logo or chosen design directly onto your chosen bag, and you can rest assured that it will be long lasting. We also have a great range of colours, sizes, shapes and functions on offer.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are concerned with your effect on the environment, we stock a variety of promotional bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond (notably calico and non-woven) that are eco friendly. Their reusable functionality helps to promote sustainability.

Versatile Applications

The great thing about custom branded bags in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond is that they can be used for a wide variety of applications – you can hand them out at conferences and events, you can use them as a free giveaway, you can give them out with purchases, and more!

Repeat Marketing

Many businesses choose to use customised bags in their marketing campaigns, as these are the kinds of products that recipients tend to keep. Whenever they pull out your gift and use in the future, you can rest assured that your brand is being exposed.

Bags Direct From China (84)
If you have time and looking at saving some money on promotional bags, why not order them direct from China. Quality guaranteed!
Backpacks (166)
From the daily commute between work or school to hitting the gym or packing a picnic, branded backpacks are a truly useful investment.
Backsacks (59)
When you’re only carrying a handful of items, promotional backsacks hold the answer – keep your things together and enforce your branding.
Bamboo Bags (6)
The perfect environmentally friendly option; bamboo bags not only look fantastic, they’re a wholly sustainable choice too!
Calico & Cotton Bags (149)
For promotional printed bags that are used again and again, we recommend our range of calico bags. They are also a highly economical choice.
Conference Bags & Satchel (96)
Whether you spend a lot of time on the road or need to lug notes between meetings, branded conference bags and satchels are the way to go.
Cooler Bags (164)
If you’re searching for a corporate gift that people will actually use, promotional coolers will be set aside for keeping food and drinks cold.
Enviro Bags (368)
These personalised bags ensure that your brand is upfront and centre, as well as letting everyone know that you are committed to the environment.
Jute Bags (79)
When woven together, this natural vegetable fibre offers the unique appearance of sacking. Promotional jute bags are also highly eco friendly.
Laptop Bags & Sleeves (96)
Think outside the box and ensure that employee or client computers are kept secure with a branded laptop bag or sleeve
Non Woven Bags (83)
For a highly affordable option that is also completely customisable and offers myriad uses, branded non woven bags are the answer.
Paper Bags (53)
Available in small, medium and large sizes, our personalised paper bags have been reinforced to ensure their longevity.
PET Bags (25)
Another of our attractive environmentally friendly options, promotional PET bags offer a fantastic alternative to plastic bags.
Shoe Bags (5)
Protect your gym clothes from dirty runners or effortlessly carry your good shoes to work thanks to our range of branded shoe bags.
Sports & Duffle Bags (118)
Personalised sports bags are the perfect option for those in the fitness industry, sports teams and even to promote healthy living.
Toiletry Bags (47)
Ensure that your brand is kept front and centre with promotional toiletry bags, the perfect corporate gift for every client
Tote Bags (296)
A must have for any marketing campaign, branded tote bags can be used for any purpose imaginable – from show to shopping.
Travel Bags & Luggage (61)
Why not expose your brand on a national or even international level with custom travel luggage – there is a bag to suit every traveler.
Wine Carry Bags (58)
Make your corporate gift stand out from all the rest with personalised wine carry bags, from one bottle all the way through to six.
The waterproof and endurable design of Stormtech bags makes them the perfect corporate gift – don’t forget to include your own branding!

About Personalised Promotional Bags

Value for Money

We are committed to offering our customers value for money. Not only will you receive the very best customised bags when you shop with us, you’ll be getting a great price and exceptional customer service – you can’t go wrong!

Go Big or Go Home

When compared with other types of customised product, bags allow you to display your logo or marketing message in a much larger format. Not only does this make it more memorable, it ensures that it stands out and that more people will see it.

Low Minimum Quantities

Whilst we all know that the more customised promotional bags you order, the cheaper each individual unit becomes, we also know that sometimes you just don’t need that many. This is why we offer a range of bags with low minimum quantities.

Use with Other Products

One of the best things about personalised bags is that they can be effortlessly used in conjunction with out promotional products. No one wants to be handed a bunch of loose items, but when you place them in a convenient bag satisfaction is guaranteed.



What is your most affordable tote or conference bag?

Non-woven totes are probably the most affordable that we offer – these cheap printed bags are environmentally friendly and can be produced locally. If you want to get them really cheap, we recommend ordering a larger quantity and allowing for longer production times.

What is the best way to decorate a bag with my logo/design?

Printing is the most affordable and popular way of decorating promotional bags with logo. Embroidery is another option, but it costs more than printing and is not available on all types of bags.

How many bags should I order?

This is a tough question to answer, as it depends entirely on what you plan to use customised bags for. We generally recommend ordering more than you think you need, as there will always be last minute add-ons or even unforeseen circumstances (such as damage) to contend with.

If I want an eco-friendly bag, which type should I go with?

We actually offer a wide range of personalised bags that are more environmentally friendly. This includes those made from calico, jute, hemp, PET, recycled cotton and more.

What areas do you service?

We provide our customised promotional bags Australia wide. Whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra or even outside a capital city, we’re here to help.