Promotional Torches

If you want to offer your clients a promotional item that will effectively advertise your business whist acting as a useful tool for their day to day lives, then you need to invest in our premium promotional torches. Ideal for lighting the way, they will easily illuminate your brand name within the minds of your existing and potential customers with each use. 

Why invest in torches from Novel Tees?

As the experts in advertising material, we stock a wide range of effective and affordable tools that ensure your brand name is at the forefront of your field – allowing customers and clients to reach you with ease. Our custom promotional torches are no different, offering an easy to customise and handy gadget for your customers to use.

Incredible Functionality

Whether the power at home has gone out or your phone light isn’t strong enough to navigate your path, a high-powered torch is an excellent solution for a range of portable lighting needs. By offering branded torches to clients, you can be confident that your business name will be the first they think of when they next need your services.

Wide Range of Styles

At Novel Tees, we stock a wide range of options for you to choose from, ensuring you can choose the promotional lighting that best suits yours – and your clients – needs. From standard torches to LED options, attractive lantern styles to nightlights, we have everything you’re looking for. We even have handy options that clip onto the user’s cap, an ideal solution for hands-free use.

Easy to Customise

To ensure your clients know exactly who to thank for their functional and practical tool, we’ve made custom branding easier than ever before. Simply choose the promotional torches that suit your needs, and pick a colour scheme that complements your other marketing material. Then, your brand name and contact details can be printed or engraved onto the torch, lanyard or case! 

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Code: LL4324
From $2.87 to $3.13
100 min
Powerful push button LED (COB) handy torch with magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.COB (Chips On
Free Delivery Based on most economical freight option at discretion of Novel Tees. Some exclusions may apply.
Code: JTT010
From $2.47 to $5.47
25 min
Patented Sliding Keylight with Carabiner . Material: Aluminum Bulb: 1 LED
Code: JTT007
From $4.16 to $7.57
25 min
Flash function and flexible focus bulb. Takes 3x AAA Batteries. Packaged in Individual Gift Box D
Code: JTT001
From $2.47 to $5.47
25 min
9 Led Aluminum torch with black lanyard. Takes 3x AAA batteries. Packaged in black gift box. De
Code: JTT012
From $3.39 to $7.65
25 min
COB Clip Light with magnet Patented Material: Aluminum Bulb: COB Battery: 1XAAA Super heavy dut
Code: LL11009
From $4.63 to $5.52
50 min
Aluminium flashlight with black hand loop and 9 LED globes emitting powerful white light. Supplied i
Free Delivery Based on most economical freight option at discretion of Novel Tees. Some exclusions may apply.
Code: LL4957
From $1.96 to $2.61
250 min
LED slimline flashlight with white light and black nylon wrist cord. Press to turn on and release to
Free Delivery Based on most economical freight option at discretion of Novel Tees. Some exclusions may apply.
Code: BU1226-14
From $6.94 to $8.83
100 min
Mini Grip Slim and Bright Magnetic LED Flashlight At just the right size, this spray rubber mini fla
Code: BU1226-08
From $3.70 to $5.00
100 min
Bolt Flashlight This mini aluminum flashlight shines ultra bright with 5 LED lights. Push on/off but
Code: JTT011
From $3.38 to $6.52
25 min
COB Clip Light with magnet. Material: Aluminum Bulb: COB Battery: 1x AAA Super heavy duty Batter
Code: BU1225-92
From $14.47 to $17.71
50 min
Flare Lantern Flashlight Hang out with this lantern 1 watt LED flashlight. Push button on/off. Twist
Code: BU1225-91
From $11.26 to $14.37
100 min
Workmate 8 LED Aluminum Superbright Flashlight Push-button on/off. Wrist strap. Includes 3 AAA batte
Code: G1012
From $17.04 to $24.18
50 min
ABS emergency wind up dyno torch with LED bulbs (two positions). Functions include: red alarm light,
Code: BU1225-01
From $14.60 to $18.41
50 min
Workmate Aluminum Slim Flashlight Reflector and bright Krypton bulb lasts up to 6.5 hours of continu
Code: TC112390
From $2.26 to $3.52
100 min
Cap Light clips securely to the visor of almost any cap and converts it into a bright head light. It
Free Delivery Based on most economical freight option at discretion of Novel Tees. Some exclusions may apply.
Code: JTT008
From $7.09 to $10.59
25 min
Easy clip on Fridge, car, work shop, etc, is a fantastic premium gift. COB Clip Light with Magnet
Code: BU1220-94
From $6.42 to $7.23
250 min
Flash Forward 9 LED Flashlight Push button on/off. 9 LED flashlight. Nylon carrying strap. 3 AAA bat
Code: G1218
From $19.99 to $24.56
50 min
Metal torch with LED bulbs, carry strap and adjustable beam width. The torch includes 3 x AAA batter
Code: CAPSSP64
From $6.84 to $9.29
100 min
LED push light with automatic off timer (after 60 sec) to save energy, Available in Blue, Green and
Code: CAPOD5082
From $6.96 to $10.18
50 min
Keeping a night light at hand is always useful. The Goodnight is designed with a handle on top to ha
Code: CAPOD5080
From $8.88 to $12.15
50 min
Stylish torch with 1 LED light on the top and 10 LED lights on the side. Including magnet on the bac
Code: CAPOD5079
From $6.06 to $8.90
50 min
Metal 2 in 1 lantern torch. You can use this item as a regular torch or extract to use as a mood ful
Code: EHT001
From $3.70 to $6.56
50 min
-- A Life Saving Tool for Your Car -- Emergency Glass Breaker (High quality & long lasting durable
Free Delivery Based on most economical freight option at discretion of Novel Tees. Some exclusions may apply.
Code: CAPAR460
From $4.12 to $5.23
100 min
Flexible USB travel light with high intensity LED output. Compatible with any USB power source inclu

Perfect for Advertising

Branded torches make the perfect marketing tool because they aren’t single use items. That means, if you’ve handed them out to clients at tradeshows and other events, they will get a lot more use from them than on that particular occasion. Next time they go camping or need to walk to their car in the dark, your printed torches will be able to light the way. That will keep your business name and logo in their home for years to come, and thanks to your promotional torches, you’ll be the first person they call next time they need your services.