Promotional Hi Vis Jacket – Promo Clothing for the Safety of Employees

Whether you one your own trade business or your company frequents construction sites, you’re likely aware of a few certainties – the biggest being that hi visibility clothing will be everywhere! To ensure your employees are dressed to code whilst also standing out from the crowd, promotional hi vis jackets are a great choice. They’ll stay warm in winter, sheltered from the elements, easy to spot at a distance, and most importantly, they’ll advertise your brand wherever they go. In this guide, we’ve outlined the main reasons why hi vis promo clothing is the best choice for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. 

  • Stand Out on Site 
    As the name suggests, hi vis promo clothing is designed to help your workers stay visible on site. This is especially important if you’re frequently working in low light or dusty conditions, as your employees may blend in if they’re wearing dark clothing. Alternatively, if you work near busy roads, passing drivers are more likely to notice your workers if they are wearing bright colours. Regardless, hi viability clothing is critical for your employee’s safety. 
  • Protection from the Elements
    Jackets are the ideal way to keep your workers safe and warm onsite, no matter what the weather. For most industries in hi vis clothing, exposure to the elements is a daily struggle. Luckily, your jackets can protect your staff from the cold, the rain, and even the blistering sun, depending on their fabric. Choose between fleece, cotton and a range of other fabrics. You can be sure your staff will be comfortable and dry, no matter what the conditions.
  • Meet Safety Standards
    If you’ve spent any time on a worksite, you know there are a number of safety standards that must be met – even when it comes to fluoro promo clothing. The Australian Safety Standard (AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 High Visibility Safety Garments) says you can choose between either yellow or orange, meaning a lot of the colours on the market aren’t up to scratch. 

There are also rules when it comes to the reflective panelling: ‘Class D’ for day wear must be fluoro but don’t need reflective fabric. ‘Class N’ for night wear, on the other hand must have reflective panelling, though the colour doesn’t matter. Consider ‘Class D/N’ is perfect if you need around the clock coverage, as it comes with both reflective material and fluoro colouring, ensuring your promo clothing and jackets are appropriate no matter when you wear them, 

Promotional hi vis jackets are as important for your employee’s safety as they are for your advertising. With a single item of clothing, your business will be able to achieve so much more than you originally thought, and your customers will notice the difference too. Whether you’re in construction, road works, mining, or any number of industries that require hi vis clothes as standard, then Novel Tees promo clothing is the ideal place to start.

Contact us today if you have further questions or want to invest in customised clothing – we’re always happy to help.