Making Your Business Eco-Friendly with Printed Enviro Bags

In this day and age, being environmentally friendly isn’t just something that people who wear tie-die do. It’s become a very important part of our lives – we’re seeing this in the way businesses like Woolworths and Coles operate, and in government legislation. Very soon, we’re going to lose the option of using plastic bags, so it’s best for your business to get ahead of the trend now! These are our top tips on how you can use our printed enviro bags to become more eco-friendly at work.

Get More Bang for Advertising Buck
One of the best – and most obvious – things about these bags is that they’re reusable! That means you aren’t spending money on single use items, and there will be continued opportunities for your brand to get exposure. With each bag coming with two very large, very flat spaces, you can print anything you’d like. We recommend adding your logo and business name, and even your contact details. These days, we’re seeing a lot of people step away from hard marketing and use a funny quote or aesthetically pleasing image as well – it means consumers are more likely to want to reuse something that doesn’t look like advertising.           

Replace Your Plastic Bags
If you’re in retail, soon you won’t be able to give your customers plastic bags to take their products home with them. Order printed enviro bags to use instead, and you won’t be left scrambling when new laws come into effect. You could even offer it as a promotion for your clients – the first 200 customers get a free tote to take home. You’ll get free advertising, and they’ll get another bag to take grocery shopping.

Give Them Away to Clients
Your clients are sure to appreciate reusable enviro bags, and they will get a lot of use out of them. Fill them with goodies – like eco-friendly bamboo and glass drinking promotional drinking bottles, branded keep-cups, and recycled paper note pads – and hand them out as Christmas gifts or welcome packs.

Hand Them Out at Tradeshows
At events like tradeshows, there are always dozens of booths to visit and hundreds of samples and pamphlets to collect. If you frequently advertise at events like these, consider handing out printed reusable bags to your potential clients – that way they will be carrying your brand name around with them, and even when they get home they will have a reminder of which company was most helpful (you)!

Hand-Outs for Your Employees
It isn’t just your customers who will appreciate and use your enviro bags – your employees will love them too! Hand them out as a sign of good will, and you’ll be getting free advertising whenever they’re used. Plus, as they work for the company, they’re even more likely to use them again and again, which will give your brand added exposure to large groups of people.

Reusable bags are increasing in popularity every single day. They aren’t just good for the environment, they’re great for your business too! Our range of printed enviro bags are sure to suit your business. Try some of the tips in this guide to see how they can help your brand today.