Go Green With Eco Friendly Jute Bags

Are you looking for ways to make your business more eco friendly? Perhaps single-use plastic bags have been banned in your state or youíre interested in adding new items to your marketing campaign. Whatever the reason, we think that one of the best ways to go green is with jute bags. In this article, weíve taken a closer look at the problem with plastic and our jute solution.

The Problem with Plastic

  • Consumers use more than 500 billion plastic shopping bags worldwide per year ñ this amounts to almost 1 million per minute!
  • They end up in landfill and drains ñ and, instead of biodegrading, they photo-degrade (which is a chemical change due to light absorption).
  • Photo-degrading means that the plastic breaks down into small, toxic pieces that pollute our soil, rivers, lakes and oceans.
  • As these bags require vast amounts of energy to produce, they contribute to our expensive dependence on foreign countries.

Legislating for Positive Change
The days of single-use bags are numbered ñ theyíre simply not sustainable and more people are starting to realise this. Even paper, which was once thought to be a more eco friendly choice, is now coming under fire. As such, sustainable products are becoming increasingly crucial for the future of the environment ñ which is why many governments are choosing to ban single-use plastic.

The Jute Solution
Itís high time that we replace unsustainable consumer practices with greener, reusable alternatives. This is why it is our aim to not only provide eco friendly bags, but to promote change in consumer shopping habits. Unfortunately, old habits are difficult to break ñ but it can be done with environmental leadership, a conscious attitude, consumer education and some ìout of the bagî thinking.

What does the introduction of jute mean for the environment?

  • Each reusable jute bag, each and every time it is used, replaces 4 plastic ones ñ displacing thousands of plastic ones over its lifetime.
  • Each is made from non-toxic and non-corrosive materials as well as using safe, colourfast dyes.
  • It educates consumers to adopt practical alternatives, as well as helps to reduce landfills and protect marine life.

If youíre on the lookout for ways to improve the eco friendliness of your business, we hope that the information provided above has shown you why jute bags could be just the green solution youíre looking for. Even if you donít live in an area that has banned single-use plastic, itís important to note that this sort of legislation is coming ñ so why not make the switch now?